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Winx Club: Vanessa's Taste of Growth (DA only!)
A lot has happened in the 14 months since Adam and Bloom had that short stint as a giant couple in Magix. Most importantly, they got engaged with a wedding date still to be determined. Neither was in a hurry to fully tie the knot… mainly because they both are very busy with their lives, especially Bloom! She and her Winx Club friends have had to save the world from evil such as the Trix and Lord Darkar. Of course, that didn't mean they were taking things too easy. They still did romantic things like have lunch together before the two made their way to the home of Bloom's adopted parents, Vanessa and Mike. This was located in Gardenia of the planet Earth.
"Mmmm… you're right, this is a delicious sandwich." Adam said.
"I told you! Hahaha!" Bloom said with a laugh.
"You know, Bloom. I can't wait to meet your parents in person." Adam said.
"Me too. I just know they're going to adore you even more than they already do. Although…" Bloom said.
"What?" Adam asked.
"I have to
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Mature content
Sailor Moon: A Crushing Sleepover :iconbiggerbetterbarbie:BiggerBetterBarbie 3 17
Sailor Moon: Teacher's Pets
The bells ringing outside was music to Usagi Tsukino's ears. That sound at that particular time of day meant it was the end of the school day and time to go home. As Usagi walked down the hallway, she was met up with her good friend, Naru Osaka.
"Hey, Usagi!" Naru shouted.
"Oh! Hey, Naru." Usagi said.
"Let me guess, you got another 30 on the last test?" Naru asked.
"(sigh) I wonder how Mom's going to react this time." Usagi said.
"Awwww… come on, you know the drill. She'll eventually recover and make you a nice cake afterwards." Naru said.
"Yeah, I guess you're right." Usagi said.
"I'm always right and you know it!" Naru said.
"Anyway, what are you doing next?" Usagi said.
"Oh, I was thinking I'd go see Masato Sanjouin again. Maybe he could give me a tennis lesson or two…" Naru said with a light blush on her face.
"Hmmm… I see." Usagi said.
Just then, the two girls stopped walking when Umino came running to a stop in their path.
"Greetings, ladies!" Umino said, causin
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Tokyo Mew Mew: Ichigo's Big Lunch Date
Ichigo casually walked down the streets as she made her way for home once again. Her walk takes her over the bridge, where once again she stops to gaze out at the ocean view.
"(sigh) Masaya… I hope you're doing alright." Ichigo said as she thought about her boyfriend, Masaya. He was still in England studying. She actually stayed with him for a short time, but had to return to Tokyo when a new evil threat known as the Saint Rose Crusaders showed up and took Deep Blue's place to cause trouble. Her powers were restored, and with the help of the other Mew Mews (Mint, Lettuce, Pudding, Zakuro, and their newest member, Berry), they've been successful so far.
Still, she feels empty without her boyfriend to share her triumphs with. She felt like the girl of her favorite manga who was doing all these awesome things, but didn't have a significant other to share her stories with, and so being happy would prove to be a challenge.
"It's not all bad. I have my friends still." Ichigo said.
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Tokyo Mew Mew: A Game of Cat and Kish
Ichigo Momomiya walked down the sidewalk holding a cell phone up against her right ear.
“I’m telling you, Lettuce, you are going to LOVE these new grapes I found the other day. The farmer told me they’re freshly grown! I know you love the ones from that food stand a lot, but aren’t you always telling me to explore something new every day? Alright, good! I’ll give them to you tomorrow morning at the café. Later, Lettuce!” Ichigo said as she put the phone in one of her shorts pockets. She casually made her way underneath a large oak tree when all of a sudden a familiar person swung down in front of her.
“Hey there, kitten!” Kish said as he hung upside down from one of the tree branches. Ichigo jumped back in pure shock from the villain’s sudden appearance.
“ACK!!! Kish, what are you doing here!?” Ichigo shouted.
“What else? I’d like to have some of those grapes you bought. And maybe a kiss or two.” K
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Mature content
Giants in Love: Adam and Bloom :iconbiggerbetterbarbie:BiggerBetterBarbie 12 8
Mature content
Doll Play 4: Role Playing Ami :iconbiggerbetterbarbie:BiggerBetterBarbie 5 11
Mature content
Welcome to the Solar System :iconbiggerbetterbarbie:BiggerBetterBarbie 7 15
Big BFFs: Chibiusa and Momoko Momohara - PART 2
However, Momoko then stopped suddenly in her tracks.
"Chibiusa, wait!" Momoko shouted.
"Huh? What's wrong?" Chibiusa asked.
"I just remembered. This is the part of the city where Mama and Papa's restaurant and my home are." Momoko said. Chibiusa looked down at the batch of smaller buildings around her shoes.
"Oh, you're right! I recognize the buildings." Chibiusa said.
"We better be careful so we don't accidentally step on it! Or them!" Momoko said.
"Okay, Momo. We'll tiptoe through the city and do our best not to crush the restaurant." Chibiusa said.
"Thanks, Chibiusa." Momoko said. And so the two giantesses indeed made much more careful steps through the city. Unfortunately, they could not avoid completely crushing something with each step they took. They were so big, their feet were wider than the entire roadways, so that meant they were always stepping on a building or two or parts of it. After a couple minutes of careful walking, Momoko looked down a tight corridor to the left whe
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Big BFFs: Chibiusa and Momoko Momohara - PART 1
Chibiusa, wearing her dark blue school outfit, ran up to the front door of her 20th century home and knocked on it. It only took a few seconds for the door to open up, and Chibiusa smiled as she saw her present day mother, Ikuko, waiting on the other side.
"Hello, Chibiusa! How was school today?" Ikuko asked.
"(yaaaaaawn) It was good, I learned lots of new things today, though I am tired." Chibiusa said as she walked inside and slipped her socked feet out of her red dress shoes.
"Haha! I don't blame you. Why don't you go upstairs and rest a bit? Usagi's not home yet… either she has detention again or is with her friends." Ikuko said.
"Okay, Mama! Oh… speaking of friends, I think my friend Momo will be stopping by later today!" Chibiusa said as she trotted upstairs into the bedroom she shared with Usagi.
"Okay, I'll keep an eye out for her!" Ikuko said, smiling as she watched the young girl walk upstairs and smiled.
Once she walked inside, Chibiusa promptly fell down onto th
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McKenzie the Mega Menace (DA only!)
It was both a happy and sad day for 11-year-old McKenzie Roberts. Happy that she was running around on the beach in her pink swimsuit with removable white skirt, but sad in that today was going to be the last day for the next 8-9 months she would get to do that running around. That's because tomorrow is when school starts again, and when McKenzie officially enters the 6th grade. Her 5th grade year was fun for the most part, though she did have to brush off a few inquiries from her fellow students on why she drew doors and windows on empty milk cartons and then stomped them flat like they were houses. That's because McKenzie loved, with an absolute passion, imagining herself hundreds of feet tall and stomping around a small neighborhood. On some weekends, she would construct a whole town out of Legos and then stomp around the 'town', crushing it with her dress shoes.
Today was going to be no exception. McKenzie was forgoing a trip to the ocean waves and instead was putting the finishing
:iconbiggerbetterbarbie:BiggerBetterBarbie 8 9
Barbie's Bigger and Better Birthday
Just so there's no confusion, when I say Barbie, I'm referring to myself rather than the actual Barbie doll. ^______^
Barbie casually brushed her long brown hair back and brushed off her denim blue shorts and white tank top as she stopped in front of the ‘Welcome to Cerulean City’ sign and then looked out in the distance at the city, adjusting her glasses as she did so.
“Ahhhhh… It's nice to be back in Cerulean City. I can't think of a better place to spend my birthday!” Barbie said. As she said, today was her birthday, marking 29 years to the day since she was born. After leaving a high paying job at a hotel a few months ago, Barbie decided to pursue her life long dream of being a Pokémon Master. Since then, she's made headlines and become the talk of many towns, winning seven out of the eight possible badges in the Kanto region. Of course, it was no accident that she was winning those badges. Despite being employed at the time, Barbie spent m
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Big Hopps
It was once again time for roll call and duty assignments, and Judy Hopps made her way to her desk and jumped onto her chair. The other animal that occupies her chair was missing, which did not go unnoticed by some of the other officers.
"Hey, Hopps, where's your partner, Wilde Fox?" Fangmeyer said.
"Yeah, did he have a nice trip?" Wolford said, prompting nearly every officer to have a laugh or two. Judy knew they were just kidding, but she rolled her eyes anyway. Obviously, she still had some respect to earn even after solving the mystery of the disappearing mammals, which nobody else did, and putting the true mastermind, Miss Bellwether, behind bars… but it wasn't so bad as long as she and her partner were making a difference. And speaking of her partner, the back door opened and in came Nick Wilde the fox on crutches.
"Hey, Wilde!" nearly all the other officers shouted. There were a few other jokes about Nick as he limped his way across the room, but he just shrugged them off
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Sailor Chibi-Moon vs. CardCaptor Sakura!
Chibiusa and her best friend from elementary school, Momoko Momohara, both came walking out of the Game Center & Fruits Parlor Crown with vanilla ice cream cones in their hands. Both were wearing their outfits they usually wear in school (Chibiusa her blue school uniform and Momoko her red Chinese dress).
"Haha! You almost got that one prize in the crane game!" Momoko said.
"I know! That's the thing with those machines. They're always taunting you with that one prize and yet the claws don't want to get a grasp of it!" Chibiusa said.
"Yeah, Papa says that's how they get their money." Momoko said.
"Mmmmm… this vanilla ice cream is really good. Usagi was right for a change… Motoki's place does have the best treats for kids." Chibiusa said.
"I'll agree with that! Thank you for bringing me there, Chibiusa." Momoko said.
"It's my pleasure!" Chibiusa said.
Before the two young girls could talk any further, however, they watched as a small crowd of people suddenly were running and
:iconbiggerbetterbarbie:BiggerBetterBarbie 2 5
Diego's Big Birthday Stroll (DA only!)
Somewhere in the South American country of Chile, a young man named Diego sat comfortably on his chair checking both his e-mail and his DeviantArt inbox. A few people were wishing him Happy Birthday, and he couldn't help but smile at all the messages he was receiving.
"It's nice that I have so many friends who take the time to say something for my birthday." Diego said. He tugged on his black T-shirt, brushed his blue polyester shorts, and then waved his hands in front of his face trying to stay cool… because it starts to warm up in Chile around this time of year.
But his happiness turned to that of a sigh very quickly, because there were two notable people that he hadn't heard a Happy Birthday from. One of them, BiggerBetterBarbie, was understandable because she was on a plane to Chile by now, expecting to arrive any hour much to his delight. But the other omission was kinda terrifying him.
"(sigh) Where is Machinasa? She's usually one of the first to say Happy Birthday." Diego
:iconbiggerbetterbarbie:BiggerBetterBarbie 3 4
Dressed to Crush 2: Historic Daydreams - PART 2
The people cheered loudly inside the famous Colosseum as they watched the two manly gladiators duke it out, sword to sword and shield to shield. Business as usual for the people of this time of year, especially after a very special event known as the Olympics took place not too long ago. Eventually one man was finally able to pull off the evasive move to swing his sword and go for the kill. The other man, with blood seeping out from his chest, collapsed onto the ground while the other man stood triumphant as the crowd cheered loudly. An older gray bearded man entered the battlefield and approached the warrior while the other one was dragged away by a couple Roman soldiers.
“Ladies and gentlemen! Your champion!” the old man shouted as the crowd cheered wildly.
“And now, he shall receive the blessing of our royal goddess!” the old man said.
Right on cue, the ground started to shake every couple seconds with thundering booms accompanying each shake. Then a g
:iconbiggerbetterbarbie:BiggerBetterBarbie 2 3


Everything is going to be Alright by Final7Darkness Everything is going to be Alright :iconfinal7darkness:Final7Darkness 55 4 The Incredibly Growing Mother-In-Law [COMM] by MacroTean
Mature content
The Incredibly Growing Mother-In-Law [COMM] :iconmacrotean:MacroTean 154 37
Real Masters 6: Alola to Giantesses (PDF story) by cubedcinder128 Real Masters 6: Alola to Giantesses (PDF story) :iconcubedcinder128:cubedcinder128 12 17 Giga Rangers Final Showdown by JetSlasher Giga Rangers Final Showdown :iconjetslasher:JetSlasher 54 9 Mighty Giga Ultra Rangers by JetSlasher Mighty Giga Ultra Rangers :iconjetslasher:JetSlasher 147 30 Tinkerbell waving giant butt by Feyzer Tinkerbell waving giant butt :iconfeyzer:Feyzer 60 11 Do You Mind Little Brother! by Final7Darkness Do You Mind Little Brother! :iconfinal7darkness:Final7Darkness 46 7 Big Time Professor Fun (PDF story) by cubedcinder128 Big Time Professor Fun (PDF story) :iconcubedcinder128:cubedcinder128 5 1
Doll Play 2: Incredible Shrinking Senshi
Rini peeked inside the doors of the fire temple, listening to Serena and the other girls talking about her sudden appearance yesterday. Rini's plan to steal the Silver Crystal from Serena was already taking longer than she wanted, and now it sounded as if all the girls would be out to get her.
"Hmmm... I don't like the way their conversation is headed one bit. They can't all team up against a sweet, innocent kid like me. I should show them who the big one really is around here." Rini said. She then walked a bit further down the temple and saw Raye's grandfather heading her way with a plate of food and tea.
"And I know just how to do it." Rini said with a smile on her face.
As Raye's Grandpa hummed a happy tune and walked his way towards where Raye and her friends were sitting, he suddenly stopped when he saw Rini sitting down with the Luna Ball perched on her lap, seemingly staring out into space.
"Huh? Hello there, little girl. Can I help you? Where's your mommy?" Grandpa asked. At fi
:iconcubedcinder128:cubedcinder128 5 1
Splatoon - Stay Fresh and Huge! (PDF story) by cubedcinder128 Splatoon - Stay Fresh and Huge! (PDF story) :iconcubedcinder128:cubedcinder128 12 7 Toy Boys by roodedude
Mature content
Toy Boys :iconroodedude:roodedude 13 7
For The Moon by roodedude
Mature content
For The Moon :iconroodedude:roodedude 5 13
Big winx by machinasa Big winx :iconmachinasa:machinasa 9 16 Santa's Really Big Helpers by Final7Darkness Santa's Really Big Helpers :iconfinal7darkness:Final7Darkness 70 5 GTS Berthier by VoyagerHawk87 GTS Berthier :iconvoyagerhawk87:VoyagerHawk87 15 5 Powerpuff Sailors by sakimichan Powerpuff Sailors :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 23,731 684


After the story caused me so much stress because I just wasn't very good at writing the kind of story he wanted, I have given Dreamy306 the few pages I did manage to write of A Crushing Sleepover and will let him handle the rest of the story. Thankfully he accepted my apology of not being able to deliver on his request and has allowed me to move on to other stories.

As one of the Status Updates said, look for Vanessa's Taste of Growth (which is finished) AND Teacher's Pets sometime Saturday! ^_____^

Request status: CLOSED because all slots are filled and I have enough requests in waiting. Keep checking this journal or for any status update posts I make announcing an open slot!

1. :iconmacrotean: - Disney's Tangled: From 70 Feet of Hair to 70 Feet Tall - (see teaser at
2. :icontpl8: - Sailor Moon: Electric Warp Test - (see teaser at

3. (anonymous) - CardCaptor Sakura: no title yet - Tomoyo asks Sakura to grow again using the Big card, doing so at night where the public won't notice... but the Big card escapes and Sakura is stuck as a giantess. It's a race to get the card back before daylight breaks and panic ensues!

4. :iconami-doll: - Sailor Moon: Doll-sized Models - 'Then have a story where Chibiusa wants her inners senshi friends to become fashion shrinking them and wearing various doll clothes, for a school project.'

Requests in waiting (these will take over one of the four primary slots eventually):

* :iconwhitebearboy: - Winx Club: no title yet - The Pixies somehow grow to 300 feet tall and cause all sorts of unintentional mayhem.
* :icongreyman101: - Sailor Moon: no title yet - Naru has her pure heart stolen by Telulu and Viluy, and she's also attacked by one of Telulu's plant monsters that contains a growth agent. Naru becomes madly obsessed with protecting Umino. The madder she gets, the bigger she grows and more out-of-control she becomes!
* :icongiantessfetisher: - Totally Spies!: Totally Shrunk! - Clover and Alex somehow get shrunken to 1 inch tall and have to get Sam's attention, all while avoiding being crushed, eaten, etc.!
* :iconjedipat: - Disney's Frozen: no title yet - 'How about a sequel to Winter Towers (your Frozen story) where Anna and Elsa grow even larger, to the point where they eventually outgrow the planet? (Not too big so it's not quite like Chibiusa Faces Reality.)'

Hello friends, family, and fans! It's May 2017! I worked so incredibly hard both in real life and at home on my laptop with writing stories... so much so that I got hammered with flu like symptoms that all but knocked me out the past week. Fortunately, thanks in part to my baseball loving husband (he's excited to have MLB back up and running again; go Marlins!) caring for me, I'm feeling better. I'm still not 100% but I'm getting there.

At the end of this month, the week of Memorial Day in fact, I'll be taking my first week off from work (not counting the sick days I had to take last week!) to head up further north in Florida and visit my brother. I'm looking forward to that!

As far as stories go, right now I'm still working on A Crushing Sleepover, which was requested by Dreamy306. After that, I'll quickly be moving onto a non-request story that I'm writing in honor of Mother's Day here in the US, coming up May 14th. This'll be a short growth story (exclusive to this DA page) starring Vanessa, Bloom's adopted mother from Winx Club! It'll be based loosely on this drawing that I couldn't stop looking at for a while:…

Speaking of non-requested stories, I know a few of you are wondering about the Sailor Moon story, Teacher's Pets. I haven't forgotten about that one... but I am stuck right now on what kind of interaction scenes Miss Haruna should have with the shrunken students (Usagi, Naru, etc.), so I've put that story on hold right now, that way I don't push the requests a loooooong way back. It's a story that will definitely get done at some point this year, I've written so much that cancelling it would be a big mistake! ^______^

That's all for this month! Until next journal, hugs and kisses! XOXOXO ^_____^


Today my husband and I adopted a couple cats! One's male and colored black (I named him Moonlight) while the other is female and is striped brown and white (she's named Sunshine). They get along real well, and Moonlight in particular is very playful. Sunshine's somewhat lazy, always curling herself up in the lap of either myself or my husband. ^_____^

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to visiting my brother next Monday (it's just me going; my husband offered to stay behind with the cats). I'll be returning home on June 1st, with my next journal likely that night.
Whew! There you go, 3 new stories to read. I hope you enjoy them!

I'm taking the next week or two off from writing to recharge (it's been a crazy past few days, after all!). Next will be MacroTean's Tangled request... From 70 Feet of Hair to 70 Feet Tall. ^______^
A lot has happened in the 14 months since Adam and Bloom had that short stint as a giant couple in Magix. Most importantly, they got engaged with a wedding date still to be determined. Neither was in a hurry to fully tie the knot… mainly because they both are very busy with their lives, especially Bloom! She and her Winx Club friends have had to save the world from evil such as the Trix and Lord Darkar. Of course, that didn't mean they were taking things too easy. They still did romantic things like have lunch together before the two made their way to the home of Bloom's adopted parents, Vanessa and Mike. This was located in Gardenia of the planet Earth.
"Mmmm… you're right, this is a delicious sandwich." Adam said.
"I told you! Hahaha!" Bloom said with a laugh.
"You know, Bloom. I can't wait to meet your parents in person." Adam said.
"Me too. I just know they're going to adore you even more than they already do. Although…" Bloom said.
"What?" Adam asked.
"I have to remind you that my mother is nowhere near as tall as your Mom!" Bloom said.
"Hahahaha! Yeah, thanks for the reminder. I'll never forget the reaction you had when you first saw her those few months ago." Adam said. Bloom laughed right back as she thought back to the day she met Adam's mother, Diane Barnes.


After Adam walked to the front door of the home he grew up in (in age, that is!), he rang the doorbell. He then looked as Bloom nervously made her way up beside him, with the woman twiddling her fingers together.
"Are you nervous, Bloom?" Adam asked.
"Maybe a little… I hope your mother will like me." Bloom said.
"Awwww… come on, relax! You two will get along just fine." Adam said. The two then watched as the front door opened up, and Bloom gasped.
"Adam, my little giant in the making!" Diane shouted as she stepped out and gave her son a hug.
"Hello, Mom!" Adam said as he hugged the much taller woman. Bloom could not believe what she was seeing. She felt like a shrimp looking up at the taller red-haired woman.
"Mom… I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Bloom." Adam said. Bloom snapped out of it as Diane approached her, her 32K measured chest (covered by a brown-colored dress) almost bumping into Bloom's head.
"Ahhhhh… I'm already liking what I'm seeing, especially the hair color!" Diane said as she offered a hand for Bloom to shake.
"Ummm… Hello… Mrs. Barnes…" Bloom said.
"Oh please, you can just call me Diane. I don't mind." Diane said.
"You're… (gulp)… you're tall…" Bloom said.
"Adam, you mean you didn't tell her about my height?" Diane said.
"No, I didn't… sorry. I'm just so used to seeing you that tall, I thought it was normal." Adam said.
"Ah, yes. That's understandable. Please, come on in. I'll make you two something to eat." Diane said.
"Thanks." Bloom said as the three walked inside the house.

As the three made their way inside, Bloom had to get the obvious question out of the way.
"Ummm… Diane, how tall are you?" Bloom nervously asked.
"7 feet, 3 inches tall. It's kind of a long story on how that happened, actually." Diane said.
"Well then, I'd like to hear it, if you don't mind." Bloom said.
"So, Adam, you finally invited your girlfriend. I'm surprised she isn't 7 feet, 4." another female, one 5'11" with light brown hair and wearing a red shirt and dark blue jeans, said.
"Oh! Jessica's here?" Adam said as he looked up at Diane.
"Yep! I asked if she wanted to stop by." Diane said.
"Who is she?" Bloom asked.
"Oh! Bloom, that's my sister, Jessica. Jessica, this is Bloom." Adam said. The two women shook hands, though Jessica sighed.
"The 'normie' of the family." Jessica said.
"Huh? Normie?" Bloom said.
"Like I said, it's a long story. Come please, have a seat in the living room. I'll bring you all some snacks." Diane said as the three younger people all sat on the couches in the living room.


"Yeah, I was pretty stunned. Not just over how tall she was, but how it all happened." Bloom said.
"I'm glad to hear that. I was just as happy you weren't mad that I didn't tell you that I could grow naturally." Adam said.
"But you were right to keep that a secret. I mean, it's like you said, you hadn't perfected that ability like she had at the time." Bloom said.
"Yeah, but a lot can change in a few months." Adam said.
"I kinda wish I could grow big at will, that way we could have a fun day like we did from the beach to the city 14 months ago." Bloom said. That got Adam thinking about something and he didn't say anything at first.
"Adam, what's wrong?" Bloom asked.
"Oh, nothing. My mind just wandered, that's all." Adam said.
"About how cute you looked in that speedo when you were 190 feet tall?" Bloom jokingly asked.
"Ummm… yes. Yeah, that's it!" Adam said as the two laughed out loud.
"Anyway, let's hurry and finish eating here. I think Kiko's more anxious to see my parents than we are!" Bloom said as she looked down under the table and saw the excited look on her pet rabbit's face.

30 minutes later, the two had finished eating and made the long walk to the home of her parents, Vanessa and Mike. Bloom, without hesitation, rang the doorbell. The front door opened and from the other side was a smiling Vanessa. She was wearing her usual outfit of a white top and green overalls.
"Bloom! Hello!!!" Vanessa shouted as she walked up and hugged Bloom.
"Mom! It's so good to see you again!" Bloom said.
"Good heavens, Bloom. You gotta ask Alfea to have more breaks for the students." Vanessa said.
"Haha! I'm working on it." Bloom said. Vanessa then took a look over at Adam.
"Ahhhh… Adam. We finally meet in person." Vanessa said as she and Adam shook hands.
"Yes! It's a pleasure to meet you." Adam said.
"Wow… those muscles on your arms are bigger than I thought. How often do you work out?" Vanessa asked.
"Oh… almost every day." Adam said.
"Haha! With strength like that, I know Bloom will be safe wherever you both go! Everyone, please come in!" Vanessa said as the three walked inside.
"Say, Mom. Where is Dad?" Bloom said, referring to Vanessa's husband, Mike.
"Oh, he's out with his golfing buddies again. He should be back in about 20 minutes." Vanessa said.
"Ah, okay." Bloom said.
"So, can I get you two anything to eat or drink?" Vanessa asked.
"Thanks, but we're fine. We both had a quick lunch at the sandwich shop." Bloom said.
"Ah… that's great! The sandwiches there are quite delicious." Vanessa said.
"I definitely concur. Although… I could use a bathroom break." Adam said.
"Just go past the kitchen and then it's the first door on the right." Vanessa said as she pointed her finger away.
"Thank you, Mrs… um…" Adam said.
"Please… just call me Vanessa." Vanessa said.
"Haha! Okay! My mother is exactly the same way." Adam said. He then got up and made his way for the bathroom, leaving Bloom and Vanessa to talk amongst themselves in the living room.

Once Adam took care of his business in the bathroom, he walked in the kitchen and then stopped. That's when he reached into one of his pants pockets and pulled out a tiny bottle of green powder, along with a just as small piece of paper. Adam then unfolded the paper and silently read the handwriting on the paper.
'Happy anniversary, my son! I hope you're closer than ever to tying the knot with that lovely girl named Bloom. Maybe this will help speed up the process. Mix this powder in with a drink she's having, and then she'll grow to giant size. I hope you two have fun like you did that one time a year ago… maybe something a little more kinky this time!? -Diane' the letter said. Adam smiled as he folded the paper back up.
"Ahhhh… what a supportive mother." Adam said. He then placed the powder bottle on one of the counters, waiting for the right time to use it. For now, he walked out of the kitchen and back to the living room, sitting down on the couch next to the two women.
"Ah, welcome back, Adam." Vanessa said.
"Thanks! Were you two talking about me while I was gone?" Adam asked as he flashed his pearly white teeth.
"Haha! As a matter of fact, yes!" Bloom said.
"Oh, what were you talking about?" Adam said.
"Oh, just how you two met and a couple of your recent dates. Like this one time where it was you and Bloom and two other Winx Club girls." Vanessa said.
"Oh! Yeah… the triple date at the carnival." Adam said.
"Hahaha! That was so funny… especially trying to get Flora to stop burping from all that diet soda AND cotton candy!" Bloom said.
"Haha, yeah… that set her diet back probably 30 years!" Adam said. Then, Kiko was tugging on the bottom of Bloom's cyan-colored pants.
"Huh? What is it, Kiko?" Bloom asked.
"I wonder if maybe he wants to see your old bedroom." Vanessa said.
"Haha, could be! Alright, Kiko, come on. I might as well show Adam too." Bloom said.
"Oooooh… I've always wanted to see where you grew up." Adam said.
"You two go ahead. I'm going to treat myself to some green tea." Vanessa said. Everyone got up from the couches with Vanessa heading to the kitchen and Bloom and Adam made their way down the hallway to Bloom's room.

Vanessa didn't waste any time in grabbing a mug and filling it with tap water. As she did, she took a look on the counter and saw a small bottle of green powder mix that Adam had left behind.
"Oh? I guess I forgot to put the green tea mix away. Maybe Mike's right… maybe I am starting to lose my focus with age." Vanessa said. After filling the tea cup to its max, she opened up the green powder and stuck her teaspoon into it, dropping one scoop into the water. After spending a minute mixing the two together, Vanessa took a whiff of what she thought was her green tea.
"Ahhhh… nothing like the aroma and antioxident power of green tea." Vanessa said as she took a few sips of her 'tea.' But when she tried to take another sip, she suddenly felt her clothes tightening up real fast. She felt like she was being trapped in a vice.
"Oooooooh… what the…!" Vanessa said. The sudden change caused her to spill her tea and drop her mug. Lucky for her, the mug didn't shatter, but she did look down and saw her feet ready to burst out of her sandals.
"What the… what's happening!?" Vanessa said. Then she looked all over her clothes. Numerous tears started to form from her legs all the way up to her arms.
"What's happening to me!?" Vanessa shouted as she slowly grew to just over 7 feet tall.

Meanwhile, as Kiko was jumping around Bloom's bedroom, Bloom herself was showing off her bedroom to Adam.
"So… this is my bedroom. Not very exciting, don't you agree?" Bloom asked.
"Nah… it looks way better than my bedroom ever did, and that was before it was trashed." Adam said.
"Huh? Trashed?" Bloom asked.
"Yeah. Remember I told you about one of those unexpected growth spurts I had?" Adam said.
"Yes?" Bloom asked.
"One of them was in my bedroom. I crushed just about everything that was in there, and I remember Jessica flipping out over seeing my butt right against the entrance to my room." Adam said.
"Oh my! That must've been embarrassing for you both!" Bloom said.
"Well, not for me. At least my underwear grew with me." Adam said.

Just then, all three were distracted when they heard crashing sounds coming from outside the bedroom, and then the shouting voice of Vanessa, which sounded louder than usual.
"Help! Bloom! Somebody!" Vanessa shouted.
"Mom!?" Bloom said as she went running out of the bedroom, with Adam and Kiko not far behind her. Eventually, all three arrived at the kitchen, where Kiko screamed and Adam and Bloom both gasped over what they saw. A much larger Vanessa, wearing nothing more than her light blue colored bra and panties, both looking they were the smallest size she could possibly wear without exposing herself. She also still had her earrings and necklace on… those having somehow grown with her just like her underwear. On the floor around her giant bottom, with her legs elevated and her knees pointed upward, were various plates, mugs, and other kitchen utensils and appliances all crashed on the ground. There were also more than a few cracks on the wall behind Vanessa and also on the ceiling, which her head was touching.
"Mom! What happened to you!?" Bloom said.
"I… I don't know, Bloom. One minute I was drinking my green tea mix, and the next… whew, I was worried sick I was going to outgrow this entire house." Vanessa said.
"Wait… did you say green tea mix?" Adam asked.
"Yes, why?" Vanessa asked. That's when Adam squeezed his way underneath Vanessa's left leg and into the kitchen. Then he looked down and saw a small portion of his green powder missing from the bottle.
"Uh oh…" Adam said.
"What, Adam? What's going on!?" Bloom shouted.
"I think I know why your mother grew big. She must've thought THIS was her green tea mix when actually it's…" Adam said, realizing the secret was about to be let out. Bloom, however, was getting frustrated. Her Mom suddenly growing big and being trapped in the kitchen was definitely not a part of their vacation to Gardenia.

"It's what!? Out with it already!!!" Bloom shouted angrily.
"Okay, okay! I was going to surprise you with this, Bloom. My Mom gave me this a couple days ago in the mail. I was going to put this in a drink, and then you could grow gigantic again." Adam said.
"Oh. I see." Bloom said.
"Arrrrgh! How could I be so careless!? Forgive me, Vanessa. You must think I'm an evil sorcerer or something now." Adam said.
"Oh… don't feel hard on yourself, Adam. My daughter is a Winx fairy, so I've learned that anything is possible with a little pixie dust or whatever else she and her friends think of." Vanessa said.
"You're… you're not mad at me?" Adam asked.
"Well… just answer me this one question. Can you shrink me back to normal?" Vanessa asked.
"Oh… don't worry about that. At the size you've grown to, the effects of the powder should wear off after an hour." Adam said.
"Oh, okay. That's good to know." Vanessa said.
"Adam! You really should be careful where you lay your magic growth toys!" Bloom shouted.
"It's okay, Bloom. Don't be mad with him. In fact..." Vanessa said.
"Yes, Mom? Whoa!" Bloom asked, only to watch as Vanessa gently moved her hand out and wrapped it around her daughter, lifting her up like she was a doll.
"I'm so proud of you regardless of what has happened. You and Adam are going to make a fine couple." Vanessa said.
"Huh? You really mean that?" Bloom asked.
"Absolutely. Just seeing my baby girl opened up to a world of magic... I couldn't ask for anything better." Vanessa said. That's when she snuggled Bloom against her face and gently hugged her. Adam smiled knowing no feelings were hurt. And the view wasn't so bad either, seeing Vanessa almost 30 feet tall and barely dressed thanks to her clothes ripping apart. Of course, he made sure to keep those feelings to himself.

Already 30 minutes passed since Vanessa grew, and despite the limited mobility her increased size allowed, she still let Adam and Bloom have a bit of fun with the situation. In fact, they were both laying on her stomach, each using a breast as a pillow. They both watched as Kiko slid down Vanessa's leg happily multiple times.
"Hahaha! I'm glad to see Kiko is having a good time!" Bloom said, watching as the rabbit climbed up Vanessa's giant leg and celebrated on top of her kneecap.
"Listen, Bloom, I couldn't help but overhear Adam say the powder was meant for you so you could grow again?" Vanessa asked.
"Ummmm... yeah... Adam and I did kinda have a giant date in Magix." Bloom said.
"Thanks to Tecna, actually!" Adam jumped in.
"Oh, Tecna. I remember her. She can invent almost anything." Vanessa said.
"Anyway, I promise we didn't destroy anything!" Bloom said.
"And it was all in good, clean fun. In swimsuits." Adam said.
"Yeah, while we both wore swimsuits!" Bloom said.
"Hahaha! It's okay, I understand. I just wish I could've been there. I can see it now... you two kissing each other right in front of the tallest buildings in Magix. Young couples everywhere wishing they could fall in love at that grand a scale..." Vanessa said.
"Uh... thanks, Mom. You don't have to rub it in." Bloom said. Adam just laughed as he thought back to that wonderful day.

Just then, the group heard the front door opening up.
"Honey!! I'm home!" a male voice said.
"*gasp* That's Mike!" Vanessa said. She literally had a knee jerk reaction and Kiko fell off, landing underneath the giantess's right leg and scrambling out of the way thinking he was going to get smushed accidentally.
"Uh oh... what do we do?" Adam said. As he and Bloom slid off Vanessa's midsection, the fiery-haired woman took a deep breath.
"Come on, let's just go and tell him the truth." Bloom said.
"You sure he's going to take it well? Whoa!" Adam said. Bloom didn't answer as she grabbed her boyfriend's hand and dragged him out of the kitchen. Vanessa just sat tight (not that she had a choice!) and wondered what kind of reaction her husband would have.
Bloom and Adam, meanwhile, were quick to greet Mike at the front door.
"Hey, Dad!" Bloom said as she quickly wrapped her arms around the man.
"Oh! Hey! I didn't know you were home, Bloom." Mike said.
"So how was your golf game? Mom told me you were at the golf course again." Bloom said.
"Oh, splendid as always. I shot 16 over part today. Big improvement!" Mike said. While Bloom chuckled over her father bragging about his 'splendid' golf game, Mike looked over at Adam and shook his hands.
"Adam, how are you doing?" Mike said.
"Very well, Mr... Um, excuse me, Mike." Adam said. Mike then took another look at Adam's muscular arms.
"We're still going to have that arm wrestling match, right?" Mike said.
"Errrr... sure! Of course! We can have it right now, if you'd like." Adam said.
"Nah, not right now! I'm gonna get something to eat from the kitchen. I'm starving!" Mike said. As he started to walk for where the near 30-foot-tall Vanessa was trapped, Bloom and Adam both gasped and ran in front of Mike.
"Oh, Dad! You don't have to do that! Why don't we grab something for you? You should go to the bedroom and take off your shoes and kick back and relax..." Bloom said.
"Nah, it'll only take a few seconds to fish something out of the fridge." Mike said.
"Please, Dad, I must insist!" Bloom said. Mike was getting kinda frustrated as he inched his way closer and closer to the kitchen.
"Bloom, what is the deal?" Mike asked.
"Mike, in here!" Vanessa shouted. Mike finally sidestepped around both Bloom and Adam and made his way into the kitchen.

He gasped when he almost bumped into a giant toe and then looked to see who it belonged to. It was his wife, enlarged to almost 30 feet tall and wearing just her light blue bra and panties. And of course, she was still trapped, but that didn't stop her from meekly smiling and waving down to him.
"Heh heh... hi, Mike!" Vanessa said.
"Holy Shhhhhhe-ra!" Mike said.
"Dad... before you get mad, we can explain." Bloom said.
"This was my fault, sir. She accidentally mixed a special green powder my mother made with water thinking it was her green tea mix. The mixture causes whoever drinks it to grow bigger, depending on how much they drink." Adam said.

There was silence for a few seconds. Adam and Bloom wondered what kind of reaction Mike would show off. They both figured it would not be a pleasant one, however... Mike smiled.
"Haha! Is that all? I suppose it could be worse... she could morph into a six-legged toad!" Mike said as he let out a hearty laugh.
"Heh heh heh heh... yeah! We have that to be thankful... heh heh." Bloom said. She definitely did not expect that kind of a reaction. Even Vanessa couldn't help but laugh.
"Hahaha! Yeah, thank goodness for that!" Vanessa said.
"Wait... she's not stuck like this, is she?" Mike asked. Adam quickly shook his head.
"She should shrink back to normal any minute now when the effects of the powder wear off." Adam said.
"Ah, okay. That's good. I guess it's also good she didn't get any bigger than she already is." Mike said.
"Oh, yeah! She'd look pretty big here in Gardenia, although the next city over is a different story." Bloom said.

"Oh! Before I forget!" Mike said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box.
"Oh? What's that, Mike?" Vanessa asked. Mike slowly approached the giantess and then opened up the box. Inside were two dark blue colored earrings.
"Happy Mother's Day, my dear." Mike said. Vanessa opened her mouth wide.
"Oh, Mike... they're beautiful, even though they're too small for me to wear now!" Vanessa said. She then reached down and gently picked up her miniature husband like a doll.
"Thank you." Vanessa said as she puckered her lips and pressed Mike's upper body against them.
"Awwww... how romantic!" Bloom said.
"Indeed." Adam said as he couldn't resist taking Bloom's hand and holding it.

Then, just as Mike was set back down on the floor, Vanessa could feel her skin rippling again.
"Oh? What's happening?" Vanessa asked.
"Oh! She's shrinking!" Bloom said as she was the first to notice. Sure enough, Vanessa was getting smaller. She already breathed a sigh of relief as she moved her legs around for the first time in nearly an hour. Finally, Vanessa was back to her normal size as she stood back to her full height.
"Are you alright, Vanessa?" Mike asked.
"Yes, I feel normal again. Well, almost normal. The world seems so much bigger than it did an hour ago." Vanessa said.
"Yep, that's what happens when you grow tall." Adam commented.
"Anyway, if you'll all excuse me, I need to get back into some clothes!" Vanessa said as she quickly walked out of the kitchen and presumably, along with Mike, to her bedroom to get a new outfit. Adam and Bloom couldn't help but laugh over Vanessa's comment.

For the rest of the day, the four humans all worked together in cleaning up the kitchen from the mess Vanessa made during her growth spurt. Of course, there was still the matter of the cracks in the floor, wall, and ceiling, but Mike insisted those could be taken care of another day. Vanessa, back in clothes, hugged both Adam and Bloom, happy to have them visit despite the growth mishap that happened this day.

That night,  Adam and Bloom walked out of Mike and Vanessa's house to head back to the Magix realm. Along the way, though, Bloom reached into one of Adam's pants pockets and pulled out the green powder mix that was his mother's growth formula.
"As soon as we get back to Magix..." Bloom said. Adam nodded and cut off the rest of her speech.
"Yes, my beloved Bloom, I know. I can't wait." Adam said with a smile on both his and Bloom's faces.

Winx Club: Vanessa's Taste of Growth (DA only!)
Here's a very short story I wrote for Mother's Day 2017. This one stars Vanessa, Bloom's adopted mother, as she undergoes a mini growth spurt thanks to a bit of a blunder from Adam! This story was inspired by the drawing below:…

Once again this story stars original characters made by :iconmacrotean: and are used with his permission! Because of that and also because this story is so short, I'm keeping it exclusive to DeviantArt. Nevertheless, enjoy and happy Mother's Day! ^______^

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After the glowing light from the horn on Pegasus's head hit Super Sailor Moon's Kaleido Moon Scope, the heroine swung it around and then pointed it straight at the last remaining Lemure.
"Moon Gorgeous Meditation!" Usagi shouted. The glowing white shards came firing out of the rod, and the Lemure screamed loudly before its face shattered into many pieces. Then its shadow disappeared as did its evil mark, leaving behind no more traces of the monster. Usagi took a deep breath, but quickly set her sights on PallaPalla, the young villainess who was part of the Amazoness Quartet.
"Arrrrgh! I can't believe it! Those were some of my best Lemures!" PallaPalla shouted. The rest of the super sailor scouts… Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Chibi-Moon, all gathered around Usagi.
"Ha! You should never underestimate the Sailor Senshi!" Rei shouted.
"Yeah, kiddo! You should just give up while you have the chance." Makoto said. After Usagi aimed the Kaleido Moon Scope at PallaPalla, the villainess knew it was time to retreat.
"Eeeep! Time to go for now! See you at the next show!" PallaPalla said as she disappeared from plain sight.

Usagi took another deep breath.
"Whew… that was a tough battle." Usagi said.
"I agree. I've never seen a more aggressive attack by the Dead Moon Circus." Minako said.
"They must be getting desperate." Ami said. Just then, the six senshi looked to see three more approaching… Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto.
"Darn, looks like we missed the party." Haruka said.
"Oh! Sailor Uranus! Sailor Neptune! Sailor Pluto!" Usagi said.
"And where have you three been hiding?" Makoto said.
"Oh, come on. You know we're always watching from a far away distance." Michiru said.
"At least when we're not helping take care of Hotaru." Haruka said.
"Besides, you've been doing just fine with these monsters. At least… until the big group of them that showed up today." Setsuna said.
"But we agree with you. The enemy is seemingly getting desperate, and so increasing its attack strength." Michiru said.
"So what do we do about it?" Rei asked.
"Teehee… we could always try and learn new powers, like learning to grow big in size and…" Chibiusa started to say, only for the other five inner senshi to look right over Chibiusa.
"CHIBIUSA!!!" they all shouted.
"Okay, okay. I was only kidding anyway!" Chibiusa said.

After a few seconds of silence, Ami then snapped her fingers.
"I know. Perhaps we can all stick together for an extended period of time, learning to bond with each other and increase our team spirit." Ami said.
"But don't we already do enough of that?" Makoto said.
"Well, yes, but I'm talking away from study time." Ami said. The other inner senshi gasped when they heard Ami's suggestion.
"A team meeting that's NOT about studying for high school entrance exams!?" Minako said.
"Okay, who are you and what have you done with the real Ami Mizuno!?" Usagi said.
"Heh heh… I know it sounds unorthodox coming from me, but I really and truly believe spending more time together would increase our team spirit." Ami said.
"I agree with Ami, and I know just the place to do it… at the Tomoe Estate. We can even have it as soon as tonight." Michiru said.
"Oh? Professor Tomoe's place? You sure he won't mind?" Makoto asked.
"Of course not. I think he's happy with the three of us already visiting every day." Haruka said as she swept her hand across herself, Michiru, and Setsuna.
"So imagine the cheering up he'd get if 9 of us were there." Setsuna said. The six inner senshi all looked at each other.
"Y'know… this is starting to sound like a slumber party." Minako said.
"Oooooooh… I LOVE slumber parties! It feels like millennia since I was a part of one! I say we take them up on their offer!" Usagi shouted.
"I'm down with it too." Makoto said. Chibi-Moon, Mars, and Mercury were the next to nod, and they looked at the three outer senshi.
"We happily accept your invitation to meet at Tomoe Estate!" Usagi said.
"Though… give us a short while for us to gather some appropriate clothes and stuff." Ami said.
"Of course. We'll meet around 19:30; the sun should start to set around that time." Michiru said.
"Don't be late!" Haruka said as she and the other outer senshi flew away.
"19:30? That only gives us a couple hours…" Ami said.
"Then we better get back to our homes pronto!" Usagi said as the inner senshi all transformed back into their normal selves and walked away from the battle scene.

Meanwhile, back at the Dead Moon Circus, PallaPalla was spying on the conversation using her blue orb.
"Oooooh… All the senshi will be gathered at that one location. That gives me the perfect opportunity to launch a full-on attack!" PallaPalla said. She thought of what kinds of Lemures she could summon, but then stopped.
"No. I should try something different. Something that will completely crush their morale for the next time I do launch an attack. Now let's see…" PallaPalla said as she scanned around the city of Tokyo, trying to find a suitable person for what she had in mind.
"Oooooh… he looks cute, and like a little bug from this perspective!" PallaPalla said as she focused her sights on a man wearing a business suit. She scanned to the immediate right and saw another businessman.
"Oh! He's cute too! And him… and him…" PallaPalla said as she found herself focusing on one middle-aged businessman after another. She counted 11 that she liked and after trying to think which one she would capture, that’s when she laughed.
“Hahaha! What am I thinking? Why not just get them all?” PallaPalla said. The villainess then waved her hands around, watching as the men disappeared from the street one by one.

Where did they wind up? Of course, about 20 feet away from PallaPalla herself.
“Greetings, men! Welcome to my home!” PallaPalla said.
“Huh? Who are you?” one man asked.
“How did we end up here?” another man said.
“You’re just a kid!” another man shouted.
“Now now, settle down. You eleven have been specially chosen by the Dead Moon Circus to help me in crushing the morale of the Sailor Senshi!” PallaPalla shouted.
“What!? No way! The Sailor Senshi are the heroes of the city!” one man shouted.
“Yeah! We’d never do anything to hurt them.” another man said.
“Teeheehee… oh, you won’t be hurting them, but they might hurt you when I’m through with you.” PallaPalla said as she put her hands together like she was a martial artist ready to shoot a fireball.
“Reduce Ball!” PallaPalla shouted. As her hands glowed a bright blue, the 11 men were forced to shield their eyes from the bright light.

A few seconds later, the light died down and the men opened their eyes.
“What happened?” one man asked.
“Where are we? Did we get teleported again?” another man said. The men then heard distinct thumping sounds that got progressively louder and louder. One of the men gasped.
“Look! She’s a giant!” the man shouted as he and the other men watched the now gigantic PallaPalla walk closer and closer.
“No, wait! She shrunk us! Look how close the floor is!” another man said.
“Whatever, man! I still don’t feel comfortable about this!” another man shouted as he looked up at PallaPalla towering over all the men.
“Heeheeheehee! Look how cute you all look after I shrunk you! It almost makes me want to keep all of you for myself.” PallaPalla said. She then reached down and scooped up the 11 men into her bare right hand, smiling down on them all. It made her grin seeing them all so incredibly small… probably no more than a quarter of an inch tall.
“But as I said, I’ll let the Sailor Senshi deal with you. Imagine how they’ll feel when they find out they’ve crushed the living daylights out of you! Hahaha!” PallaPalla said. She then took a deep breath and then exhaled, causing all the men to go flying off her hand, but immediately they disappeared from the air in specks of white light. PallaPalla knew what that light meant. They had all been teleported somewhere inside Tomoe Estate.
“Teehee! I can’t wait to see what happens next!” PallaPalla said as she looked at her blue orb again and watched first as the 11 shrunken men got teleported inside the mansion and then, much later, the Sailor Senshi arrived there.

About an hour after the inner Sailor Senshi had their battle with the Lemures, the six girls were back in their school outfits, although they all carried bags that had the important stuff they needed for their sleepover at Tomoe Estate, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, books to read (in Ami’s case), and most importantly, their pajamas. The six looked to see Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna all waiting for them just outside the front doors of the Tomoe Estate.
“You sure took long enough." Haruka said.
"Hey, cut us some slack! Usagi was the one who took the longest trying to pick the right pajamas to wear." Rei said.
"Oooooooh! You're so mean, Rei!!!" Usagi shouted. The other girls just laughed.
"Ummm… is this going to be okay with Professor Tomoe?" Ami asked.
"Yes, we already asked him and he said it's okay. You know him, he's always busy with work to notice much of anything else." Michiru said.
"Which is why we all practically live here now to look after Hotaru." Setsuna said.
"Haha… you three sure are great." Makoto said. The nine ladies then approached the front door and knocked on it. Opening the door was Professor Tomoe.
"Oh! Welcome, ladies. Please make yourselves at home." Tomoe said.
"Thanks, professor!" all the inner senshi said as they went running into the mansion, already running upstairs to the guest rooms.
"Just don't… (sigh) wake up Hotaru." Tomoe said before shrugging his shoulders and walking back into his office.

Meanwhile, in the guest room, right now the only occupants were the 11 micro-sized men. They all wandered around almost aimlessly on the wooden floor as they saw how big the room was.
"Man, this bites. I thought this sort of thing only happened in fairy tales." one man said.
"Never mind that, how are we going to get back to normal?" another man said.
"It's simple. We just have to ask the sailor senshi for help. That little girl said she was going to make their lives miserable. All we have to do is find a way to talk to them and…" another man said. He was then interrupted as the doors swung wide open and the nine girls came walking in.
"Wow! Look at the size of those beds!" Minako shouted.
"Yeah, they don't call this the guest room for nothing." Haruka commented. As for the men, they all gulped nervously or sweated bullets as they looked up and up and up.
"(gulp) Easier said than done." one man said.
"Geez! Look at that young pink-haired one! She's as tall as the Tokyo Tower!" another man said.
"Never mind that! They're going to step on us! Look out!" another man shouted as they all ran out of the way just as one giant shoe after another came pounding down. Some of the steps were inches away from the group. They finally looked up when they could hear the thundering booms die down as the girls walked to the other side of the guest room.
"Whew… safe." one man said.
"Yeah, for now." another man said.
"This is bullocks! I'm getting out of here!" another man said as he went running for the opened up doors. But the other men noticed a big problem right away.
"(sigh) That door is like miles away…" another man said.
"Yeah. We'd tire out by the time we made it there." another man said.
"By the way, those girls aren't the Sailor Senshi, are they?" another man said.
"They sure do look like them, though, especially the hair!" another man said. The men, except for the one who was running for his life for the exit, continued to banter with each other as they watched the 9 giantesses continue on with their lives.

The 9 ladies were all quickly unpacking their bags and pulling out the pajamas they all planned to wear. Michiru pointed out a door that led to a bathroom.
"We can change behind this door." Michiru said.
"Wow! Even the guest room has a bathroom?" Ami said.
"I wish I could be this rich and famous!" Usagi said.
"Pffft! Why be rich and famous when you'll be the princess of the whole world a thousand years from now?" Chibiusa said with a wink from one of her eyes.
"Oh shut up, you little squirt! You're going to ruin my daydream!" Usagi said.
"Come on, let's all get changed." Setsuna said as she and the other ladies walked into the bathroom.

A few minutes later, they all came out together. They were now wearing their pajamas and most importantly in their bare feet with all their shoes and socks removed. Some of the nightwear the girls were wearing included Usagi in her loose-fitting pink pants and shirt (Chibiusa wearing something similar but colored light blue instead), Ami wearing a mix of blue and white, Rei with blue pants, red tank top with star pattern, and a bandana on her head, or Setsuna with a rather sexy short purple dress! This outfit actually raised some eyebrows.
"Ummm… Setsuna? Don't you think you're wearing one size too small?" Usagi asked.
"Huh? I don't feel that way. Aren't you gonna get hot in that outfit?" Setsuna asked. Haruka couldn't help but chuckle as she straightened out the white buttoned-up shirt she was wearing.
"I believe the expression is different strokes for different folks." Haruka said.
"Ain't that the truth!" Makoto said with a laugh from all 9 girls.
And then, all of a sudden, the girls heard some crying just outside the guest room and down the hallway.
"Uh oh… Hotaru's awake." Michiru said.
"That was quick. We didn't even have time to come up with a game to play!" Minako said.
"Wait here, everyone. I'll go get her." Setsuna said as she walked away from the other girls.

As for the shrunken men, once again they had to scatter out of the way, this time from a giant foot as Setsuna walked by.
"Uh oh! She's headed for that one guy!" one of the men shouted. Indeed, the one man was still sprinting for the open doors.
"Almost… there…" the man said. But when he started to hear thumping sounds that got louder and louder, not to mention the slight vibrations with each boom, he looked behind him and saw Setsuna's giant feet fast approaching. Obviously, the young woman was not aware of his presence, and her next step was about to be right on top of him.
"NOOOOOO…!!!" the man screamed before Setsuna slammed her foot down, instantly crushing the poor man unknowingly with a resounding SPLAT! 1 down, 10 to go.

A couple minutes later, Setsuna returned as she rocked the baby Hotaru back and forth in her arms.
"Shhhhh… it's okay, Hotaru. We're all here for you." Setsuna said as she hummed a tune to try and cheer up Hotaru. It seemed to work as Hotaru almost immediately went from crying to giggling happily.
"Easy as pie." Haruka said.
"Oh, I think it's because she likes seeing your handsome face." Michiru said as she playfully rubbed Haruka in the chin.
"Teehee… Hotaru looks so cute no matter what age she's at!" Chibiusa said.
"Yeah. It's kinda too bad she's not old enough to be a part of our slumber party." Ami said. Setsuna smiled.
"Actually, I think I can do something about that." Setsuna said.
"Huh?" the other girls said.
"I've been practicing this technique lately where I create a time bubble. Basically you form the bubble on top of a person or object, and then fill that bubble with memories of the past. The bubble then reforms into a clone of that person or object, but acts like it had traveled forward to our time." Setsuna said. All she got out of the other Sailor Senshi were confused faces.
"May I remind you, Setsuna, that not all of us are well versed in temporal mechanics." Haruka said.
"Right… sorry. But trust me, once I've perfected this method, then we never have to go back in time and find that someone or something we were looking for." Setsuna said.
"Thus reducing the likelihood of a time paradox!" Chibusa jumped in.
"Exactly! I'm so glad you remembered, Chibiusa." Setsuna said.
"Teehee… well, I had an excellent teacher." Chibiusa said.
"Well then, let's get time bubbling then!" Makoto shouted. Setsuna nodded and handed the baby Hotaru over to Haruka. She then summoned her Lip Rod and held it in the air.
"Pluto Planet Power, Make Up!" Setsuna shouted. About 30 seconds later, she was transformed into Sailor Pluto, complete with her famous Garnet Rod.

Sailor Pluto looked over at Haruka who still held onto baby Hotaru.
"Now, Haruka. Please place Hotaru on one of the nearby beds." Setsuna said. Haruka did just that, placing a still happy baby Hotaru on the bed. Setsuna then got to work as she closed her eyes and focused on her Garnet Rod.
"Time Bubble…" Setsuna softly said (much like when she uses Dead Scream). A rainbow colored bubble came out from the rod and floated above Hotaru.
"Now, everyone. Think of the good times we had with Hotaru when she was 12 years old." Setsuna said. After the rest of the senshi looked at each other at first, they then looked at the baby Hotaru and thought back to when she was older. They made sure to focus on the good times, like Setsuna said, rather than when she was the evil Mistress 9.
A few seconds later, the bubble expanded rapidly to three times its previous size.
"Oh? Is it working?" Usagi asked. The group watched as the bubble continued to grow in size and floated off the bed. The bubble glowed brightly as it neared Setsuna's height of 5 feet, 10 inches.

Finally, it popped. And immediately standing where the bubble once floated was the older and almost teenaged Hotaru. This Hotaru looked around and saw the other Senshi standing around her.
"Oh! Hello, everyone." Hotaru said.
"Yay! Hotaru!" Chibiusa said as she happily ran up to Hotaru and hugged her. Hotaru (wearing her normal school uniform right now) hugged right back.
"Chibiusa! It's good to see you again." Hotaru said.
"And you too, Hotaru." Chibiusa said. Hotaru then looked around and saw everyone else dressed up in their pajamas.
"Oh? Why are you all dressed up in your sleepwear?" Hotaru asked.
"Well, we're having a sleepover." Makoto said.
"Oh! I've always wanted to be part of a sleepover! Can I be a part of it?" Hotaru asked.
"Of course, kiddo! The more, the merrier." Haruka said as she gently patted the older Hotaru on her head.
"Great! Let me just dig out my pajamas!" Hotaru said as she walked over to the nearby dresser. While she was over there, she slipped her feet out of her shoes.

A couple minutes later Hotaru came out wearing her pajamas.
"Teehee... you look very nice, Hotaru!" Chibiusa commented.
"Why thank you, Chibiusa. And so do you." Hotaru said.
"Alright then, we're all set. So what now?" Ami asked.
"What else? Let's play Truth or Dare!" Usagi shouted. The other senshi looked at each other like Usagi came from the Moon (she did, after all!), but when nobody else offered any suggestions.
"Truth or Dare it is." Ami said.
"Hold on. We don't have any Truth or Dare cards!" Rei said.
"Teehee, leave that to me! I'll think of some scenarios! Does anybody know where the index cards are kept?" Chibiusa said.
"I keep a set in my drawer!" Hotaru said as she walked over to her dresser. As she did that, a few of the girls took note of the baby Hotaru falling asleep.
"Awww, look... Baby Hotaru's falling asleep." Minako said.
"Somebody should take her back to her nursery now that we have a teenage Hotaru here for the night." Haruka said.
"I'll take care of that." Setsuna said as she gently picked up the baby Hotaru and took her back.

(Dreamy306 takes over from here)

Once she returned, Chibiusa had already jotted down just over a few different truth or dare scenarios.
"Okay, that's good enough!" Chibiusa said. She placed the pile of cards on one of the beds.
"Okay. The game of Truth or Dare begins now! I will draw a card and somebody will have to accept whatever it says on the card. No chickening out!" Chibiusa said.
"Or you'll shrink us to one inch tall, right?" Makoto said. The other girls nervously laughed.
"Well... maybe. We'll see! Teehee!" Chibiusa said. She picked up the first card off the top of the deck and read it out loud.
“Alright, here we go! Here’s a good truth, somebody here has to admit to the first time they kissed a guy.” Chibiusa said, putting the card back face down. The rest of the girls tried to hide their blushing.
“Okay, I’ll do this one.” Minako said, ever joyful to hear a subject involving love.
“The first time I kissed a guy, was in 5th grade during Valentine’s Day, he was looking for a Valentine, so me, being the Goddess of Love I was, decided to be his, I even kissed him on the cheek.” Minako bragged.
“That’s a considerably young age to have kissed somebody. Even on the cheek.” Ami mentioned.
“Yeah, I do admit so. But still, I was only 9 years old! How could I have known any better?” Minako asked.
“Hm, well that is a good point.” Ami replied.
“Alright, alright. Are we ready to go on to the next question.” Chibiusa asked. The girls nodded their heads.
“Teehee...I thought so!” The girl said getting ready to pull out another card. Meanwhile from behind them, another group of uninvited party guests were having a conversation. It was the group of shrunken men. They had witnessed the last micro-man’s demise, after he had been flattened by Setsuna’s giant bare-foot.
“Jeez, that was insane! It was that easy to crush one of us?” One of them asked.
“Yeah, I would’ve thought being shrunk would’ve made us super strong, like a super-hero!” Another joined in.
“I thought that would be the case too. I guess that weird girl’s magic made us super fragile.” Another replied.
“Speaking of which, we’d better be careful, or we might end up like him. Especially down here.” The leader of the group said, a they walked through the floor. As they did, they came across giant bed sheets, large bags of bathroom materials, foot care products, and right next each of the girls’ feet. As they did, they were extra careful not to get caught in anything. Unfortunately for them, they hit a wall, that meant a dead-end.
“Cripes! We hit a wall!” One said.
“What’re we gonna do. We’re right in the center of a field of things that can crush us. Sooner or later, if we aren’t crushed by falling containers or what-not, we’ll get crushed by the Sailor Senshi!” Another one of the men said.
“Alright, everybody. Let’s just calm down. If we cause enough commotion, they’ll totally see us!” The group leader said.
“Oh, shucks to that! In case you didn’t know, were not even an inch tall! We can’t move anything, nobody can see us, and we’re too small to get them to feel us!” Another guy complained.
“Then what do you suggest we do?” The other guy snapped.
“I’ve got an idea. Let’s climb up one of these giant girls, and shout in her ear! That’s the best chance we’ve got! Who’s with me?!” The other guy asked. Nobody wanted to try their luck at that idea, falling off would mean instant death. But, they didn’t want to get yelled at either.
“Yeah...we’ll go with you.” One of the men said nervously.
“Mmm Hmm. It’s just...maybe you should go up first, and we’ll follow you.” Another said.
“Alright, I appreciate it.” The man said.
“Okay, here goes nothing...3...2...1...GO!” He yelled out running toward Michiru’s foot. He got there quickly, and slowly began climbing up her watermelon colored-pajamas. Meanwhile, Chibiusa was just getting to reading the next card.
“Okay, here goes...Teehee! This one’s a dare. Somebody here has to paint another one of the girl’s nails.”Chibiusa said.
“I’d like my nails painted. I haven’t gotten them painted in a long time.” Michiru said.
“Alright, who wants to paint her nails?” Chibiusa asked.
“I’d love to!” Haruka, almost instantly, raised her hand.
“Ha! I’m not so surprised.” Michiru said, allowing Haruka to take her hands.
“Well, who wouldn’t want to paint the nails of such a beautiful woman like you?” Haruka asked.
“While they’re doing that, should we read the next card?” Hotaru asked.
“Totally! Let’s see what’s under this one...Ooh, a funny one. I’ll do this one.” Chibiusa said, running to the back of the room.
“Hm? You didn’t read it Chibiusa.” Setsuna said. She came back with a blindfold.
“What’s that blindfold for?” Setsuna asked.
“You’ll find out soon enough...teehee!” Chibiusa giggled, tying the blindfold around Usagi’s eyes.
“Hey, what are you doing? Get this thing off me, you little squirt!” Usagi complained.
“Don’t start so soon, I’m almost done with Michiru’s nails!” Haruka said. She had finished painting Michiru’s fingernails, and decided to move on to her toenails. Meanwhile, the micro-man who had tried to reach Michiru’s ear had made it to her shoulder, and was about to make the final push to her ear. And his comrades we’re finally trying to catch up to him, cheering him on as he made his way up.
“Alright, finally! Just a little bit more, and I’ll be there!” He said. But, as Michiru put her hands down, her shoulder began to move, which didn’t fare so well for the micro-man on her shoulder, who began to lose his footing.
“W-whoa, what’s going on?! Help!” He shouted, losing his balance.
“Look!” One of the men watching him yelled.
“He’s gonna fall!” Another yelled. Pretty soon, the group yells telling him to press on and keep going turned into pleads to get back down to safety. Unfortunately for the man, it was too late, as he had already fallen off of Michiru’s shoulder.
“NOOOO!” He yelled as he fell to his supposed doom, his life flashing before his eyes. But, rather than falling on a large carpet, something else broke his fall. As soon as it did, he spanned out of his trance. He found himself surrounded by a large pool of strange aqua-blue colored liquid.
“Argh! W-what is this?!” He asked, before realizing what he was actually covered in.
“Oh no…” He said.
“Look! He fell in he nail polish! We’ve got to save him!” Another one of the men said.
“Are you nuts?! We’d never be able to get in there and make it back in one piece!” Another man said.
“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ll try it!” The other man said, attempting to climb up Michiru’s leg. Unfortunately, Michiru swung her leg up to let Haruka paint her toenails. As she did, the force was to great the rest of the men fell right off her leg.
“AAAHH!” They all yelled as they crashed down. They quickly got back up.
“Alright, enough of this!” A man yelled.
“I’ve had enough of these shenanigans! I’m going where nothing giant and moving can hurt us!”
“Yeah, I’m with him!” Another man yelled, soon, all of the men we’re making a break to safety.
From inside the bottle of nail polish, the man continued to keep himself afloat, trying desperately to keep himself from drowning. He was about to fall under however, when a large brush began to stick through the opening he fell in.
“Hey! Down here! Help.” He yelled, swimming over to the brush. He caught on to it, and it swished around in the liquid before coming back up to the surface.
“Finally! I’m saved!” He thought before finally realizing where the brush was going.
“Wait...I just got out of a giant bottle of nail polish! I’m gonna be painted on someone’s nails!” He said in a panic, he tried to let go, but doing so would mean instant death, with how far he was in the air. He desperately tried to climb up the brush, but the polish stuck him to the brush. He despreately tried to tear himself away, but the brush has already reached Michiru’s toenail.
“NOOO!” He yelled as he was painted onto the long toenail.

Meanwhile, Usagi and the rest of the girls we’re having as much fun as they could.
“BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Quit it, you little gremlin! What’s the meaning of this?!” Usagi yelled. Chibiusa was using a pencil eraser to write her name on Usagi’s foot, and was about to make her guess what she had written. The other girls couldn’t help but laugh at Usagi’s reaction.
“What’s she writing?” Minako asked.
“I dunno, maybe I should look at it closer…” Rei said. Ami said nothing, having already realised what Chibiusa was writing.
“You guys have to guess what I’m writing!” Chibiusa said.
“You’re writing something on my foot? What is it?” Usagi asked.
“That’s for you to guess!” Chibiusa said. She was almost finished writing her name, when her pencil accidentally poked Usagi.
“YEOWCH!” Usagi yelled, thrusting her foot forward in an attempt to kick Chibiusa. She missed, and her foot went flying right in the path of one of the fleeing shrunken men.
“Dude! Watch out!” One yelled from behind him. Before he could realize what that meant, he looked up, and saw Usagi’s giant foot coming for him.
“AAAAHHH!” He yelled before being splatted. 2 down, 9 to go.
“Hey that’s not very nice.” Makoto said, playfully kicking Usagi back as she tried to get the blindfold off her eyes.
“Oh, yeah? You see how it feels!” Usagi laughed, returning the favor.
“There’s plenty more where that came from!” Rei said, kicking her back. By then, Usagi had finally got the blindfold off of her, and Chibiusa shouted the first thing that came to her mind in order to surprise her.
“Dogpile!” She yelled.
“Wait, what? AAAAHH!” The poor girl yelled as each of the girls threw themselves on Usagi. For the shrunken men, absolute chaos was unfolding around them, covering their heads and running as fast as their legs could carry them as giant pairs of hands and feet rushed toward them. One of them spotted a strange bag, and ushered the others to run towards it.
“Guys! Come on! We’ll be safe over there!” He yelled, pointing to the bag.
“Take this!” Makoto yelled, laughing as she tried to step on Usagi’s leg. She missed halfway, and the top of her foot came crashing down onto another one of the micro-men, who had failed to keep up.
“AAAHH!” He yelled before going splat. 3 down, 8 to go.
“Hold up, we want a piece of that action too!” Haruka said, her and Michiru joining in to the dogpile, completely unaware of the tiny man they had just fossilized onto Michiru’s toenail, like an ant stuck in tree sap.
“Ack! Guys, stop! This is ridiculous!” Usagi yelled.
“Should’ve thought that before you tried to kick me! Chibiusa said, pulling her arm. Her foot came down on Michiru’s foot. Right where the tiny man had been painted onto her toenail.
“Ack! What is this?! I’m being crushed! AAAHH!” He yelled before being splattered from inside the toenail by Chibiusa. 4 down, 7 to go. Eventually everybody calmed down, a bit worn out from messing with Usagi, as the surviving shrunken men finally made it to safety inside the mysterious bag.
“*huff* *puff* That was pretty fun!” Minako said.
“Totally! Sorry about that, Usagi.” Hotaru said with a sheepish smile.
“Oh, it’s alright. You guys got me pretty good.” Usagi said.
“Well, then. Let’s keep going, I’m nowhere near beat!” Haruka said.
“Alright, I’ve got room in me for one more activity.” Ami said.
“Is there anything else you have planned, Chibiusa?” Setsuna asked.
“Totally!” Chibiusa said, picking up the exact same bag, the micro-men were taking shelter in.
“Gah! What’ going on the ground’s shaking!” They yelled as the bag was lifted into the air.
“Who wants to play a game of dress up?” Chibiusa asked.
“What a good idea!” Michiru said.
“What’s in that bag?” Hotaru asked.
“Some clothes I made. Luna-Pi helped me make them before we arrived. Anyway, how about we all go get dressed. There’s something for everyone in here!” Chibiusa said, opening the bag.
“Look, someone’s opening this bag!” One of the tiny men said from inside the bag.
“Now’s our chance! Wave your hands and yell as loud as you can!” Another said. They did just that, making as much of a commotion as their tiny little bodies could, unfortunately, the girls couldn’t even see them. And their loud voices were inaudible squeaks to the girls’ ears.
“Alright, pick out whatever you want, and go get changed!” Chibiusa said. Inside the bag was a plethora of items. They ranged from costumes of the Senshi Princesses, women’s sailor outfits, to female video game superheroines, strange versions of Sailor Senshi fukus, and racing gear, which Haruka got her hands on almost immediately. As the girls grabbed various clothing garments, the micro-men could not keep their footing, and each one of them yelled in terror as they fell into the various items of clothing. When the senshi had all gotten their clothing outfits, they headed to the bathrooms to get changed.
“Ugh...what happened? Where am I?” One of the men asked. He had tried his hardest to get the girls’ attention, but one of the girls grabbed something, and barely missed him, he instead fell into what he thought looked like a racer’s bag. At least he thought that’s what is was, he was actually in the racer’s boot! The space around him was dark and empty, and there was a faint, musty smell of feet in the air, but there was a light coming from a large hole above him.
“Oh, thank goodness! I can climb up this, whatever it it…” He ran over to it, and tried to climb up the hole. Meanwhile, Haruka was just putting on the pants on her racing gear.
“Wow, these fit really nicely. Chibiusa really made sure they didn’t fit weird when she made these. All that’s left to do is put on my boots...” She said. The micro-man had just finished climbing out of the hole, and was about to try an make his escape, he stopped however, after looking down.
“Jeez, that’s a big fall, maybe I should be careful. Or wait for her to put this thing down.” He said, looking at Haruka. He stopped however, when Haruka began to move toward the boot.
“Wait...What’s she doing?” He asked, as she lifted her foot above the boot.
“Wait! Hold On! Stop!” He yelled, but it was no use, as he had to let go and fall to avoid getting his hands crushed by Haruka’s foot. As soon as he hit the ground, he ran as fast as he could to avoid the giant foot sliding toward him. After some running, he thought he was safe, until he ran into the toe of the boot. It was a dead end! He tried to pick himself up, but he was too slow, and his body slipped under Haruka’s foot.
“Alright. that was easy. Like shifting from neutral to drive. Hey, guys, I’m done!” Haruka said. As she took her step, the micro-man trying to free himself from Haruka’s foot, was instantly crushed as Haruka stepped down.
“AAAAAAHH!” He yelled as the life was crushed out of him and he went splat. 5 down, 6 to go. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the only one about to suffer that fate…
“ head.” Another one of the micro-men woke up, just recovering from being knocked unconscious by his recent fall. He observed his surroundings. He was walking on a cyan foam, it popped right back up after he walked on it. What was even stranger was the white wall that surrounded him.
“Wait a second...I’m in a giant shoe!” He said. Realizing what would happen to him if he didn’t escape, he tried desperately to climb the wall, having given up on getting the Senshi’s attention.
Meanwhile, Ami hummed to herself as she put on her costume, a cute women’s sailor outfit.
“Chibiusa really went all out with that selection of clothes. Some of them, I’ve never even thought existed! But oh well, they’re all lovely anyway.” She said to herself. As she went to grab her hat, she accidentally knocked over her stockings, which fell on her shoe, and right where the micro-man was climbing, knocking him down. He struggled to get out of it.
“Gah! What is this, I’ve got to get out before I get crushed!” He yelled. Before he could free himself, however, Ami grabbed the stocking from her shoe, the man fell to the ground.
“OW! It hurts! I can’t move either!” He yelled, paralyzed from the fall. He tried to move, as Ami put on her stocking, but was too late as she grabbed the shoe to put it on.
“NOOOO!!” He yelled as he was crushed inside the shoe by Ami’s foot.
“Alright. I can’t wait to see what the others have on. I’d better get over there now.” She said, walking into the other room. 6 down, 5 to go.

“Alright, is everybody done?” Chibiusa asked.
“Yeah!” Everybody answered from the other room.
“Okay, come out! I wanna see what you guys have on!” She said.
“Me first!” Usagi said, she walked out wearing what looked to be a Sailor Fuku, but the top white body-suit had prism-like triangles that formed around the suit, her skirt and boots were a pinkish red, and her gloves were a golden yellow.
“Wow! That looks very nice on you...teehee!” Chibiusa said.
“Thanks. I’d like to call this, Elliptical Sailor Moon!” Usagi replied, and sat down.
“What a good name! Who’s next?” Chibiusa asked. Next came Setsuna, wearing a black dress, with a transparent sparkling skirt that went all the way down to her legs.
“Good job, Setsuna! I can’t believe my eyes!” Usagi complemented, clapping her hands.
“Why, thank you. I think it looks nice too.” Setsuna said, sitting down next to Usagi. Then came Rei, wearing an outfit that made her look strikingly similar to Eudial.
“Alright, Rei. I suppose you wanted to look fiery with that one.” Chibiusa said.
“I must ask though, does this mean you’re considering turning to the “other” side?” Setsuna asked, putting on a serious looking face. Everybody else just stared at her with confused faces.
“W-what? It was a joke! That’s only a costume, right?” Setsuna asked, flustered.
8“It is, but I do look as pretty as she does with this on.” Rei complemented herself, and tossed her hair back.
“Oh...Okay. Anyway, who’s next?” Chibiusa asked.
“Me!” Hotaru said cheerfully. She had on a white bodysuit, and a purple skirt, with ribbons that spiraled all the way down to her feet.
“Good job, Hotaru! Cute!” Chibiusa said as, Hotaru sat down.
“Thank you!” Hotaru asked. Over the course of 5 more minutes, the rest of the girls showed off their outfits, Ami walked out in her Sailor’s Outfit, and Haruka showed off her racing gear.
“Yay! Woohoo! Good job everybody! That was fun!” Chibiusa said.
“You’re right, but *yawn*, it is getting pretty tired. I think it’s time for me to go to bed.” Setsuna said.
“I know, me too…” Haruka said.
“Okay, I’m not that tired though, anybody want to stay up with me?” Minako asked.
“Alright, I’m ready for some more excitement.” Usagi said, joining Minako. Rei, Michiru, and Hotaru joined the two.
“Very well.” Ami said, as the rest of the girls got up and went to bed.
“Okay girls, I’ll leave my bag with you, there’s tone of things to do in there.” Chibiusa said.
“Thanks, Chibiusa.” Minako replied.
“See you in the morning, Michi.” Haruka casually said as she walked out the room, blowing her a kiss as she left.
“Hee hee, she’s so cute…” Michiru said silently.
“Anyway, since we’re here, what is there to do?” Hotaru asked.
“I dunno, Chibiusa left her bag here. Maybe there’s something in this bag…” Minako said, shuffling through the large bag she left behind. Meanwhile, from inside the bag, most of the micro-men had survived their falls, and were now just regaining consciousness.
“Urgh...What happened?” One of them asked.
“The girls...they didn’t even see us. Even with all that commotion we made.” Another said.
“Well, hey. We’re still alive. Maybe we can find something in her that can help us, we can’t do it ourselves.” He said, eventually, they came across a strange circular metal pad, with a large screen covering most of it’s center.
“What’s this thing?” One of the men asked.
“I don’t know, it looks like some sort of tablet, We should try and turn it on.” The other replied, as they walked across the screen, the bag’s zipper began to open. It was Minako, fishing for a random treasure to find from Chibiusa’s bag.
“Oh, no. It’s her again!” The man yelled.
“Oh, what’s this?” Minako asked, reaching for the pad.
“Everybody, get off this thing!” The man yelled, as the others frantically tried to escape Minako. She picked up the pad before they could however.
“Oh, what’s that?” Michiu asked, having seen the pad in Minako’s hands.
“I dunno, let’s see if I can turn it on. She said, putting it down on the floor, she fiddled with it for a few minutes, and then hit a button.
“Aha, Here goes nothing!” She said as the screen began to light up, and the pad began to increase. It increased, until it was big enough for all of the girls to walk on.
“Oh no...What’s happening?” The micro-men asked themselves as the pad’s border expanded away from them. Then, the screen began to light up, and holographic images of buildings, people, and streets that all looked familiar began to pop up. It was a replica of Tokyo! At least it would be, if it it wasn’t small enough to be crushed by 5 playful giantesses.
“Ooh! I get it! This is one of the little gadgets she uses when she wants to go all Chibizilla on something!” Usagi said.
“So, does that mean-” Michiru began to ask, before being cut of by Minako.
“Yep! We get to crush this huge city!” Minako said.
“W-what is this?!” One of the tiny men yelled out.
“It’s exactly like Tokyo!” Another yelled.
“How’d we get here?! That pad must’ve teleported us!” The other replied. The group of men rejoiced, thinking they’d finally escaped their predicament. They stopped however, after a group of tremendous booms shook the ground, and the rushing wave of people now screaming, and running in one direction, the opposite of theirs. They soon realized why, as the giant Rei came crashing into the city, ready to cause major mayhem.
“Yeah, you’d all better run. Or the mighty power of Mars will pulverize you!” She taunted.
“Guys, run!” The leader of the group of micro-men yelled as they began fleeing the giant girl. Rei proceeded to do a little dance-walk, timing her steps to crush as many people as possible. As the group of men ran away, each of them took random turns to escape the giantess coming toward them. One of them, however, was too late, and he yelled as Rei’s foot came down on him, with a large spat. 7 down, 4 to go.
Hotaru, meanwhile, proceeded to sit on a building, and stretch out her legs to crush the tiny people in a tiptoe like fashion.
“Hee hee, I never knew being a giantess would be this fun...keep on coming, you little, tiny people!” Hotaru said. She dove her foot back down, and picked up a large group of people with her toes, another one of the shrunken men happened to be with them, and he tried to break free. But before he could, however, Hotaru scrunched her toes crushing everybody instantly. 8 down, 3 to go. The next micro-man had decided to take refuge in a building, thinking that would be the most same option. However, that very building was being approached by Michiru and Usagi.
“Come on, Michiru! I’ll show you this neat trick Chibiusa taught me.” Usagi said.
“Alright, alright, I’ll be there.” Michiru said, smiling. The two sat down near the building.
“Okay, I’ll put my foot here…” Usagi placed her foot down on one side of the building.
“And you put yours on the other side…” She said, Michiru did just that.
“And now, we’ll push them into this building!” Usagi said, as the two girls pushed their feet into the building, the tiny people, including, the next micro-man, screamed as they were crushed by the two giant pedis. 9 down, 2 to go. Meanwhile, Minako had herded a group of the tiny people up, and cornered them into one large spot.
“Alright, little people. I’ll let you go on one condition.” She said. Cries of “Yes! “We’ll do anything!” echoed in the streets.
“Okay, it’s simple, just give my feet a massage. Do a good job, and I’ll let you go, but, if you don’t, I’ll crush you to pieces! Sound goo? Capiche?” She asked. The tiny people came in droves, doing whatever they could to please Minako, even having to jump on her foot in order to make their efforts worth anything.
“*sigh* This is getting a little tiresome. I’d better sit down…” She said, she tried to sit on a building, but it couldn’t support her weight, and she fell down, throwing some of the tiny people around.
“Hey!” Minako yelled in anger, instantly recovering from her fall.
“Why was that thing so weak?! I didn’t even bounce on it! You all should go learn how to make these things sturdier!” She said bringing her foot down on the screaming group of people, including the second to last of the shrunken men. 10 down, 1 to go.

After the “giantesses” were finished destroying the Tokyo replica. It disappeared and shrunk back to it’s normal size.
“Whew! That was fun, I never knew crushing tiny things could be so fun!” Hotaru said.
“I know! Perhaps I might try it with Haruka sometime…” Michiru said.
“Alright, that was pretty fun. I do wonder if there’s anything else worth doing tonight.” Rei said. All of a sudden, A bubble-like, rainbow colored wall began to glow around the walls.
“Whoa! What’s going on?” Minako asked the girls got their transforming items out, ready to fight any Lemures that came their way. Instead however, a large portal appeared, and a silhouette-like figure covered in white appeared through the portal.
“Who is that?” Minako asked.
“She doesn’t look like any monster I’ve ever seen.” Michiru replied. The white light around the figure began to fade, revealing the figure to be Sailor Cosmos! She looked amazing, her Sailor Fuku sparkled and glowed, and her skin was completely flawless. She was unconscious though, and fell to the ground.
“Wow! What a beautiful woman!” Hotaru said.
“Indeed, it must be...impossible, how would she get here on her own?” Michiru asked.
“Sailor Pluto’s time bubble! It must’ve activated on it’s own!” Usagi said. The girls went over to the woman, and tried to wake her. Meanwhile, the last micro-man had escaped the Tokyo simulation, and was witnessing Sailor Cosmos’s arrival.
“Who is that woman? She’s so beautiful...maybe she can help me!” He said, rushing over to her.
.”O-oh...My head…What happened?” She asked, upon being woke up.
“Greetings, Sailor Cosmos!” Michiru said in the background and bowed.
“Neptune! You look younger. In fact, Have I travelled back in time?” She asked.
“Yep! It’s a bit of a long story, but Sailor Pluto helped you get here.” Minako said.
“Alright. Oh my, where are my manners? Greetings to all of you. How has your night been?” She asked.
“It’s been fine. It’s just…”Usagi said, rubbing her back.
“What is it?” Cosmos asked.
“Nothing, we all got into a dogpile earlier. I’m not so sore about it now, but my back is…” She said.
“Well, why didn’t you tell us earlier? I’m sure there’s some back cream here.” Rei said.
“Oh, never mind it. I can help you with your back, Usagi.” Cosmos offered.
“You can?” Usagi asked.
“Mmm-hmm, What I use is called an Ashiatsu Massage, I’ll take my shoes off, and step on your back, the pressure should heal it.” Cosmos said.
“Wow, that sounds nice! You’re really going to do that for me?” Usagi asked.
“Of course. Just lay down here.” Cosmos said, Usagi did just that. Then, the micro-man ran up Usagi’s back preparing to get Cosmos’ attention. Cosmos took off her winged high-heels, revealing her beautiful bare-feet, each of her long toenails painted a different color (red, orange, yellow, and so on).
“Are you ready, Usagi?” Cosmos asked.
“Totally, go for it.” The girl replied. Cosmos gently stepped on Usagi’s back, as the micro-man on Usagi back had to run for it.
“Come on! Even she doesn’t notice me, but I have to keep trying!” He said. Cosmos tiptoed over Usagi’s back, little cracks occasionally popping up from her back. The micro- man walked onto her neck, waving his arms. Unfortunately for him, that was where Cosmos’s next step was.
“AAAAHH!” He yelled as the soft foot descended upon his body. Luckily, Usagi’s back was too soft to get crushed instantly, and he found himself stuck onto the woman’s foot rather than splattered. With each step on her back it became more and more painful for the little man.
“Alright, now I’ve just got to straighten your back out…” Cosmos said. She made one small jump on Usagi’s back, and the micro-man finally splattered on her foot. 11 down, 0 to go.
“Whew! Thanks, Sailor Cosmos. My back feels better already.” Usagi said.
“You’re welcome. I’m glad I came by.” Cosmos said, picking up a strange toy gun that caught her eye, she began fiddling with the knobs.
“Hm, I’ve seen this little toy before, but I can remember what exactly it does...”Cosmos thought to herself.
“That looked like it felt good. I’d love to receive one of those massages when I get the chance.” Minako said.
“I might give one to Haruka tomorrow.” Michiru casually said.
“Does that mean, you would each like some more?” Cosmos asked, hiding something behind her back. Her large, deep, blue eyes had a dreamy look, but a childlike smile still played around her mouth.
“Of course!” The girls replied.
“Alright, alright, if you say so…” Cosmos said, she quickly pulled out the toy gun from behind her back and fired it at the other girls, before they had a chance to react however, they we’re blinded by the light, but for only a few seconds.
“Jeez, what was that you pulled out, Cosmos?” Rei asked, the girls looked around at their surroundings. Everything was massively huge, and that only meant one thing.
“Uh, oh. Guys, I think I know what that light was…” Usagi said. Sailor Cosmos stepped over to the tiny group of girls.
“So that’s what it does!” Cosmos said, holding that shrink ray.
“Cosmos! You’ll huge! What happened?” Minako said.
“Look! That thing in her hand!” Rei said, pointing to the shrink ray.
“Wait, that gun. Hold on, Cosmos...shrunk us? Why us?” Usagi asked.
“You girls look aborable in that size! Each of you could fit in my hand!” Cosmos teased.
“Alright, Cosmos. Very funny. Could you put us back to normal size?” Rei asked.
“Not until I’ve delivered on my promise of course!” She said, raising her foot above the group
“Wait, what promise?” Usagi asked, before finally realizing what that meant
“Okay, we get it, but that didn’t mean you had to shrink us!” She said, as the girls ran away from the giant foot.
“*giggle* This is pretty fun, get back here!” Cosmos said, trying to step on one girl after another.

Meanwhile, from an upstairs floor…
“Hm, the girls do seem like they’re having fun down there.” Professor Tomoe said.
“Just hope they don’t cause too much of a ruckus…”

Sailor Moon: A Crushing Sleepover
Here's a Sailor Moon story that started out as a request by :icondreamy306:. He wanted a story much like Welcome to the Solar System where all the Sailor Senshi are gathered together for a sleepover and end up crushing micro-sized men unknowningly beneath their bare feet.

I struggled badly with this story. Writing a story with a sleepover scenario involving MANY girls is just too much for me to handle (if it were just one or two girls, that'd probably be much easier to manage). It's the same reason I cancelled a similar Sailor Moon story a while back called Little Boys Night. So lesson obviously learned on what kind of story I should stay away from writing. ^______^

Thankfully, Dreamy306 understood my frustration and agreed to write the rest of the story. He made the second half of the story a trillion times better than I could. Thank you so much for your help, Dreamy! His rescue helped save this story from a horrible fate (like being cancelled and never seeing the light of day).

Everyone else, enjoy the story! ^______^

- After a difficult battle, The Inner & Outer Senshi are able to defeat an unusually strong group of Lemures commanded by PallaPalla. As the Senshi leave, they agree to meet for a sleepover at the Tomoe Estate to keep a watchful eye in case PallaPalla comes back. But having heard of the girls' sleepover, she places a more tricky curse instead of launching a full scale attack, shrinking a group of innocent civilians small enough so that they can't be noticed, and teleporting them to the Tomoe Estate, just to where the girls are having their sleepover. Meanwhile, the girls have changed into pajamas and they've taken their shoes off, leaving them in bare feet. They have fun playing games to keep them awake while the shrunken civilians try to get their attention, but given their size and the girls' playfulness, their efforts seem to put them into even crazier and potentially fatal situations... Completed May 13, 2017.


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United States
Hello! I'm BiggerBetterBarbie. I live in Miami, Florida, with my loving husband, Carlos, and two beautiful cats named Sunshine and Moonlight. My name comes from my lifelong passion for Barbies ever since I was little, plus the fact I've been writing stories on size-changing (such as giantess, shrunken men, shrunken women, giant couple, etc.) since 2004. I've been asked for a long time by fans, friends, and family to join deviantART, and here I am! ^______^

I have a very busy life away from the computer, so I probably won't be active much and it may take me some time to respond to replies (sorry!). Nevertheless, enjoy what you see!


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